Saturday, October 20, 2012

Updated This Week in the Slacktiverse, October 20th 2012

Looks like a lot of people had a slow week online, I hope it's because you've all been having as good a time as I did on Thursday and Friday instead of as bad a time as I did last Saturday.

The Blogaround

Coleslaw wrote:
It's a Sign of my intrinsic sloth that it took a random act to help me decide which winter coat to buy.

I wrapped up my traveler's tales with an account of a weekend trip to Cornwall, The Non-Pirates of Penzance. Back in London for two days, we spent A Day With the Bard and Without Aldgate, in which my poor husband got confused about an archaic meaning of the word "without". On our last day in London we took a train to Greenwich to learn about space and Time Travelers, 19th century variety. Yes, there are pictures, and a link to Longplayer, a computer generated musical creation from Jem Finer designed to play for 1000 years. I, of course, will not be around to see if it does.

Storiteller this week wrote about the last set of vegetables she was able to gather from her garden before the frost comes, in The Final Harvest.  She ended up with eggplants, peppers, basil, and tomatoes, and includes a recipe for peppers stuffed with pesto cheese, spinach, and quinoa.

Froborr wrote: Hey all. As I've mentioned in comments a couple of times, I've started a new blog analyzing My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. I've made two posts thus far:

Dear Princess Celestia... (Introduction): In which I discuss my plans for the project, why I'm doing it, and what my methods are.

Hiiiiiiiiii Giiiiiiiiiirls... (Mare in the Moon/Elements of Harmony): In which I examine the two-part series premiere, and introduce the premise that Friendship Is Magic is about bronies.

In other blog news, I'm preparing to shut down Fluffy Iguana Cookies. Pretty much anything interesting I have to say within its stated scope is also within the Slacktiverse's scope, and given the infrequency with which I write, better to save those posts for here.

chris the cynic writes: In the past week I made a post about a silly take on a statistic from the Obama campaign which was distracted midway through by a squirrel in the ceiling and thus the etymology of the word squirrel and so forth.

Then I had the worst Saturday ever, which I describe in a post called "Yesterday" because I wrote it the following day 
(content note: family strife, drug use, lies, screaming, shouting, abusive familial situations, and just a really bad day)

I saw, because we randomly happened to traverse the same crossroad at the same time, what I believe is known as the "Legalize Love" bug.  Sorry, no picture, the camera was in my bag and it drove by before I could really respond.

I wrote The Odds Don't Matter, a story fragment set in a semi-Calvinist dystyopia where it is visibly knowable from birth whether one is predestined for Heaven or Hell.

There was an earthquake, the first I've felt in my memory, in response to which I wrote a fairly boring post announcing it and linking to an official description of the earthquake, and then came up with a jobs plan for America.  The scary part is that it is both more likely to work than anything the Romney-Ryan team has proposed, and would add to the deficit less than their plans.

I posted a couple of random thoughts, one being that I'd actually like it if studios released video of the actors doing their preliminary read throughs of the script or pre-effects versions of the feature because I think there's a certain magic when it's just actors and script.  The other being that seeing Morpheus in the Matrix and thinking, "Pistachio commercial" is a great example of intetexuality in action.

Having forgotten to take my sleep aid one night, but lacking the energy to get up and take it, I had a sleepless night in which dreams still came.  The waking dreams manifesting themselves as if a series of movies I was watching about time travel and the brother sister-brother triumvirate fighting dark forces using it.  A series of dreamed movies that seemed to steal from every actual movie I've seen in recent memory, and some I haven't seen in ages.

And, finally, I wrote a Skewed Slightly to the Left scene in which
 Nicolae Carpathia revels in emotionally tormenting a captive Rayford Steele with the lives he could have saved but didn't, shortly before his global broadcast during World War III.

Ana Mardoll wrote:
Deconstruction: Lies, Damn Lies, and Mansplaining
(Content Note: Rape Culture, Swearing)
We each have to set our own personal threat level because we are the ones whose lives that threat level most closely impacts. We are the ones who lose out X when we choose not to do Y, and we are the ones who have to decide whether Z is worth the risks that we, personally, perceive that it carries. You don't get to make those choices for anyone but you.

Deconstruction: Oscar and Weather Girl

(Content Note: Body Policing, Fat Phobia)
This is your regularly scheduled reminder that women should be skinny and sexy at all times in order to be considered normal and non-aberrant. Women should also make sure they always are standing on their toes, and should additionally not expect to have names.

Buffy: A Picture of Abuse

(Content Note: Emotional Abuse, Misogynistic Language, Violence)
So let's talk about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And when I say Buffy the Vampire Slayer, specifically I mean Season 3, Episode 2, "Dead Man's Party", aka the most enraging episode of anything I have ever seen ever since I quit watching Everyone Loves Raymond.

In case you missed this/thing you can do

Good Mourning Publishing is calling for romance fiction with real life portrayals (meaning not fantastical/shapeshifter/etc.) of otherkins/therians. They are also doing a call for cover art, including for characters of color, and for non-fiction essay submissions on disabilities.

[Added] I recently read about a schoolboard that had put in place a policy to support and defend their transgender students, a group that -even in LGB safe places- often finds itself marginalized and unsafe.  This morning (Sunday the 21st) I read that they completely reversed course and rescinded that policy.  It seems like there must be something that can be done, it was outside pressure that made them go from taking a stand against bigotry to backing down, outside pressure might make them reassert their original position.  I don't know.  I went looking for petitions, the standard means of applying outside pressure.  I found two, but both are from before the policy was rescinded urging not to rescind.  Until such time as there is one saying, "Put The Candle Back," those seem like the best bet they are here:
Stop District 131 from reversing their new transgender policy!

Uphold the transgender protection policy you UNANIMOUSLY voted to adopt!!

I have signed both.  If someone knows of another, especially one more current, tell me and I'll put it here.  Until then I recommend getting the word out.  The schoolboard stood up for the right thing, they have since backed down and transgender kids will continue to be hurt as a result.  Someone needs to tell them to stand back up.

--Co-authored by the Slacktiverse Community


By the way, that sleepless night was last night, so there may well be errors in the above.  If you find one, please point it out.


I asked this question in some earlier version of this post, not the first version, but clearly not the most recent prior to me writing this either.  What is the point of having a preview button if the preview doesn't look like the finished product will look?  Somewhere in the thousand edits the question was lost, so I ask again.


  1. The news:

    Tagg Romney, the son of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, has purchased electronic voting machines that will be used in the 2012 elections in Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, Washington and Colorado.

    The source via which I was made aware of it.

  2. I have signed both.


    Chris Witham South Portland, ME 2h

    A few minutes ago when I first signed it said "1h", so I guess now I have a pretty good idea of when the added section was added.

    (I'd say it's a bad sign that Chris is still the most recent, but the first petition is much more active and I don't know how many people refused to have their full name and town listed publicly. (At least one.))

  3. So, be sure to check out the updated post now with infinitely more Ana Mardoll.

  4. Content warning: sexual assault, rape culture, extreme miscarriage of justice, ableism:

    There is a petition here opposing the Connecticut Supreme Court decision to overturn the conviction of a man who raped a woman who was too disabled to consent.

    Content warning: Anti-trans bigotry:

    There is a petition here asking a school district, which adopted a policy of respect towards transgender students and is now reconsidering under pressure from the public to become bigoted again, to maintain the progressive policy they originally adopted.


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