Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting things rolling

So, in the absence of engaging and awesome main posts, something we will hopefully have at some point in the near future, one of the most useful things for people at the Slacktiverse was the weekend "This Week in the Slacktiverse" post.

The usual deadline was 2000 GMT on Saturday.

Now usually there were multiple days of notice and usually there was only one week of stuff for people to submit and until the Typepad site closes this is just a Slacktiverse rather than the Slacktiverse but I think we might as well try to get something up this weekend.

This is what I'm thinking: the real goal will be to get the first official "... in the Slacktiverse" up next weekend, which should give people ample time to go through everything from the last month* and decide what to share, but for tomorrow we can try for a kind of trial run to get the hang of it.  Yeah it's shorter notice than usual and this isn't the Slacktiverse yet, but we've got to start at some point.

So, the usual sections (which I figure we'll stick with) are:

The Blogaround

Any denizen of the Slacktiverse who has posted an article to their own website during since the previous weekend post is invited to send a short summary of that article along with its permalink to the group email address. That summary and link will be included in the next weekend blogaround. This will help to keep members of our community aware of the many excellent websites hosted by other members.

In Case You Missed This

Readers of The Slacktiverse can send short summaries of, and permalinks to, articles that they feel might be of interest to other readers.

Things You Can Do

Anyone who knows of a worthy cause or important petition should send a short description of the petition/cause along with its url to the group email address.


Said group email address is SlacktiverseAuthors (at) gmail (dot) com


So send in submissions if you have them and I'll do my best to get a weekend post up.

Aside from that, I figure that discussion about this place in general and any changes that might be made or such should be confined to one place, so talk about that should take place at the first post.  This can be an open thread.  So talk about your favorite color and how it relates to your preference in birds and axial tilt, or something.  Probably something.  I support "something" because the first topic is unlikely to generate much in the way of conversation.

Also, hi.  This is my first post as an author here.


* The last "This Week in the Slacktiverse" will have been a month old when the typepad site closes one day after next weekend.


  1. Thank you, Chris.

    I'll just go ahead and post my links in comments (since that seems faster for the site moderator rather than editing the OP).

    My biggest post this week was "Sexism and Subtlety", where I talk about how sexism is not always blatant and obvious, and how I would like to see more works of fiction address micro-aggressions in the workplace. Wrapped up in the context of a Resident Evil novelization.

  2. I don't think I have a favourite bird. I suppose there is something of a resemblance colour-wise between my icon and a green peacock.

  3. My favorite bird is definitely the ostrich. Not the real ostrich, but the bird of folklore who hides her head in the sand. There's a lot to be said for that strategy.

  4. My favorite color is orange, my favorite bird is the duck (with eagles, notably bald eagles, placing in a notable second.) I was going to say that there's no such thing as an orange duck, but apparently there is. (See also here.)

    I have no strong positions on axial tilt. Like I said, not really the most conversation inspiring topic.

  5. My favourite colour is yellow. I like this layout and the green. I'd probably prefer the orange to be purple, but that's just because I'm not really an orange person and I love purple. This is easy to read for me, although I don't have any visual issues that affect my ability to read from a computer screen (as long as I'm wearing my glasses).

  6. I like purple/wine, various colors of blue, and turquoise.

    I don't have a favorite bird, but I have a bird story from this week. My elder daughter had 'hawk' for one of her spelling words this week (we are working on when to use 'au' and 'aw' and 'ou' and 'ow' for /aw/ and /ow/ sounds), and minutes after she finished her spelling we went to go to the Farmers' Market and there was a hawk standing in the road in front of the two-doors-down neighbor holding a pigeon it had just brought down. That's the closest we've ever been to one not in an aviary.

    I really like the slightly green screen--this is much easier to read than bright white for me.


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