Thursday, October 11, 2012

Board Business October 11th, 2012

Irregular Business

We've had our first scheduling conflict, so it's about time we create a schedule of some kind.  I have created a thread in the forums for us to discuss precisely that topic.  My ideas are already there, if you have ideas (or something you want to post without creating a scheduling conflict) you should go there and speak up.

Mostly Regular Business

Remember how I said last week's weekend post was mostly a test run to get the hang of things?  I meant it.  The weekend post this week will not be This week in the Slacktiverse.  It will be This MONTH in the Slacktiverse.  Because I'm considering the last official weekend post to be this one on Typepad which is from almost, but not quite, exactly a month before the next weekend post will go up.  That means that anything after September 15th is fair game.
So please, when considering submissions for the post, go through everything since then.  I know it's more work, but it's been a long time since we had a post sharing things, so there should be a lot of stuff to share.

Ok, have I begged enough?  The three sections of the weekend post are:

The Blogaround
Any denizen of the Slacktiverse who has posted an article to their own website since the September 15th Typepad post is invited, enticed, and cajoled to send a short summary of that article along with its permalink to the group email. That summary and link will be included in the next weekend blogaround. This will help to keep members of our community aware of the many excellent websites hosted by other members.
In Case You Missed This
Readers of The Slacktiverse can send short summaries of, and permalinks to, articles that they feel might be of interest to other readers.
Things You Can Do
Anyone who knows of a worthy cause or important petition should send a short description of the petition/cause along with its url to the group email.

Please email all submissions to SlacktiverseAuthors at gmail dot com. The deadline this week will be 2000 GMT on Saturday.

Urgent or time-sensitive announcements will be posted immediately rather than being held for the next regular "This Weekend" post.  But you'll have to tell me they're urgent or time sensitive because it's liable to go right over my head.

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