Friday, October 19, 2012

Deconstruction Roundup, sauntering vaguely closer to reality

Ok, so here's the situation:

1 Sorry this post is so late in the day, I had a lunch with Amy Richlin.  Yes, I'm a name dropper.  Yes, I drop names most people have never heard of.  But you might want to look into her for she is awesome as were the others at the lunch.

Then the branch library was closed due to repairs to the bridge, which meant a long detour to what, I suppose  must be the trunk library.  The non-branch at any rate.  Which did mean being able to stop by the ice cream place that burned down and was rebuilt, and you know how it goes.

2 We are casting a wide net for what counts as a deconstruction.  Fred Clark set out to read through the world's worst books very slowly (a page or two at a time) pointing out in great detail why they were bad.  For many of us that was our introduction to deconstructions, but that's not the only kind of thing we're counting here.  Someone doing a episode by episode description of why My Little Pony is awesome?  That counts too.  Someone doing a thing where they look at the bad parts of good books or good parts of bad books?  Sure, why not?

The idea, more or less, is looking at something in little parts.  Breaking it down to its component parts and looking at those parts.  Those parts may be pages, they may be episodes, they may be chapters, they may be something else.  For shorter works a single post can be a full deconstruction as seen in Ana Mardoll's single post positive deconstruction Disney's The Little Mermaid.

A deconstruction is when you take pains to notice and catalog the trees, rather than miss them in your quest to see the bigger picture of the forest.  Sort of, kind of.  We're willing to be fuzzy with the definition.

The point is: if you're wondering, "Does this count or not?" err on the side of sharing it.

3 While they would not be linked to on a weekly basis, because there's nothing to update, we can and will link to finished deconstructions, so share any that you know of not yet on the list.  Stalled ones as well.

4 The list so far:
Fred Clark - Left Behind
Ana Mardoll - Various (notably Twilight and Narnia)
Apocalypse Review - Edge of Apocalypse
Heathen Critique - Various (notably Soon and Babylon Rising)
Mouse - Left Behind: The Kids
PersonalFailure - Elsie Dinsmore
clevernamepending - 50 Shades of Grey
yamikuronue - This Present Darkness
Ross - Captain Power
Amarie - 50 Shades of Grey
Omskivar - Eragon
Nathaniel - Caves of Steel
ReadAllTheNewberys - (guess, go on, guess)
TARDIS Eruditorum - Doctor Who I'm guessing.
CaryB - Atlas Shugged
Me - .hack//Sign, Deus Ex
My Little Po-Mo - Something about ponies or something?
InsertAuthorHere - Ditto


What has to happen now:

See the above list?  Very doubtful it's complete.  Help complete it.

Once we have a more complete list, I'll be sending out emails to the authors of currently active deconstructions asking if they mind us linking to them on a regular basis.  If they don't say they mind, they'll be included in the weekly deconstruction roundup post (assuming they updated during the week in question).  The first post will also include links to already completed deconstructions and such.

So, basically this thread is for adding things to the list, but if anyone has strong feelings about what the exact wording of the email should be or some other related thing, feel free to share it in the thread.


  1. I'm deconstructing Debi Pearl's marriage manual for women, Created To Be His Help Meet.

    1. Hi, Libby Anne! Great to see you here.

    2. Everything kisekileia said! Love your blog!


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