Sunday, October 7, 2012

Updated This [period of time] in the Slacktiverse

Ok, so either no one wrote in, or everyone who did is currently going, "What the Hell, Chris?  You gave me an email address that didn't work."  And I kind of think it's the first because I'm pretty sure I gave the right email address.  This is the right email address, by the way.

So, Um, I'm mostly going to be making this up as I go along, which is sort of ok because this is really just a test and the real goal is to get the first polished one of these up next week, but please by next week someone send in something.  By then it'll have been almost, but not quite, a month since the last of these posts at typepad and I refuse to believe that none of you have written or read anything worth sharing since then.

The Blogaround 

Ana Mardoll reports:My biggest post this week was "Sexism and Subtlety" (Content Note: Sexual Harassment  Homophobia), where I talk about how sexism is not always blatant and obvious, and how I would like to see more works of fiction address micro-aggressions in the workplace. Wrapped up in the context of a Resident Evil novelization. 

chris the cynic is writing this post so can say whatever he wants without have to have actually send something in.  I just have to figure out what to say.  About depression and my life I had a couple of posts, (Content notes for depression, obviously) notably "I'm sad" which was about feeling perfectly healthy sadness, but being unwilling to figure out the reason behind it for fear I'd find so many reasons to be sad as to be crushed beneath them, and much later I wrote that my depression may be cured but, because of various other things, notably the state of my life, things still aren't good.  I also made an index of depression related posts because people seem to find them useful.

On other topics, I wrote that non-monochromatic fashion lines shouldn't be named after colors, that blogger, and thus it's parent company Google, is evil (yes, I use blogger), I described the situation in my state with respect to marriage equality, made a collection of Team slogans for Twilight, Left Behind, God, Eris, and the like, wrote about why, while the US presidential race is important, the down ticket races need to be won as well if any significant improvement is to take place, I showed before, during, and after photos (one each) of shaving off my beard, and posted dozens of pictures of fallen leaves glazed in rain.

Seriously, it's been a long time since we last had one of these posts, someone else must have something to share from that time period.

Sarah wrote: Sorry this is late, but here's my contribution to the blogaround.

Will Wildman didn't share anything but I don't think he'd mind my linking to him and I'm really trying to make this seem like a not mostly empty post, so why not go and take a look at his post "What love has got to do with it" about how secret love in fiction often doesn't ring true and sends bad messages because love is about more than longing from a distance?

Note that in the future I will not be randomly taking unsubmitted posts to put here, so please people submit things for the next "This [period of time] in the Slacktiverse".  It's just that having only two people listed seemed a paucity of people.

In case you missed this 

There are cis women with facial hair.  (As I recall my mother had, may still have, some.)  This particular cis woman with facial hair is awesome.  She also did the impossible, she got someone who was being a jerk on the internet to stop being a jerk and apologize with nothing but a calm reasoned explanation of her views.

Things you can do 

I have no idea.  I seriously don't keep on top of things very well so it would be nice if someone who did could send in emails about this in the future.
--Co-authored by the Slacktiverse Community, sort of.


And as a closing note, next week's weekend post will probably be the most recent post here when the Slacktiverse at Typepad is frozen.  Which means that when this place truly becomes The Slacktiverse instead of A Slacktiverse, that's what will be on the front page.

It would be nice if it were as full and diverse post as it can be, showing as many voices as it can.  Anything you've written since the last "This Week in the Slacktiverse" post, which was on the 15th of last month, is fair game.  So for everyone who has a blog, please look through it and see if there's anything that you'd like to share from that time period.

For anyone who has seen an article you think others might be interested in that time, please send a link and a description.  For anyone who knows of worthy causes, that can benefit from being linked to in that post, please send that in.

Let's try to get things started right.

Again, the email address is slacktiverseauthors at gmail dot com.

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  1. I hardly ever write posts of a non-commenty nature, and when I do they're generally not the sort of thing worth linking. However, I will take note of any neat articles I find and point them out.


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