Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Open Question: Anonymous Donations

Does anyone know how to donate money directly from Party A to Party B while keeping everything anonymous on both ends? This has come up in the context of a specific victim who needs financial help, but cannot be identified by hir victimizer through an online donation campaign.

Everything I'm finding says that this has been made very difficult (presumably to curtail illegal activities), but I'm wondering if a charitable organization for victims has solved this problem before. Note that this would include donations across national borders so "go hand it to them in person" or "mail cash" would not be feasible; the donations need to be sent electronically.

Thank you for suggestions.

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  1. I'm not sure whether this is a certain situation I'm already aware of--one where Party B wants to raise money for a friend of hers who's in a domestic violence situation--or whether it's a different situation I don't know about. Either way, the main fundraising sites I'm aware of are indiegogo and GoFundMe. I know GoFundMe requires some personal information, like a link to a Facebook account, but I'm not sure about indiegogo. I have friends who've successfully used both.


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