Sunday, November 4, 2012

This Week In The Slacktiverse November 3,4

The Blogaround 

Darth Ember wrote:
It's only poetry, but it does express my frustration with the way people use that particular cliché.
Last week, Storiteller wrote about organizing a Food Day celebration for church in Growing Community for Food Day. (TW: Food insecurity, cancer) While there was a very small turnout, we did get to express our concerns to local politicians and check out the excellent movie A Community of Gardeners.  This week, she described her love of bicycling in the fall, offering photos of fall leaves and tips for doing so safely in Falling Leaves and Changing Seasons. Halloween is one of Storiteller's favorite holidays, so she celebrated it in part by considering how the skills she describes on her blog would be useful if there was a zombie outbreak.  From gardening to bicycling, there are ways to Sustainably Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. (TW: General zombie horror / violence, links to movies with sexual threats; CN: some movie spoilers).

Froborr wrote: Since last Saturday, I've posted two things:

On My Little Po-Mo, Good gravy, girl! What's wrong with you? (Applebuck Season): I discuss the concept of character collapse and work my way around to liking the episode despite not liking the writer or the main character.

On Animated Discussions, I discuss intestering implications for what Disney can do with their newly acquired IP in Disney Buys LucasArts. And no, I don't mean Lucasfilm.

chris the cynic writes: 
I still haven't gotten around to that thing I was going to do, so I still want to find every newspaper in circulation in the US, or at least every English language one, that accepts electronic submissions.  There ought to be thousands and if there's a way to locate them better than Wikipedia's list of newspapers I haven't found it yet.  So if you know of a better way, please tell me
.  Also, if you know of anywhere else that has even the smallest chance of publishing an open letter to the school board described here (CN: Transphobia), please tell me.  But those were already written.

This week I wrote "Life's not fair" is no excuse, because it isn't, 
The Lovecraft Reference that Needs To Exist because in any work not set in Lovecraft's universe that quote is just a bit of early 20th century pop culture, not an ancient bit of lore.

I wrote two responses to part of Fred's deconstruction of Left Behind where Buck is driving around trying to get to Chloe.  The Skewed Slightly to the Left one had Cameron unexpectedly getting a driver, the other, called, "Her Bailiwick", will make no sense to people who have not seen the first episode of Warehouse 13.

I wrote several things about voting and the election.  After I voted I explained why I voted for a Senate candidate I would really rather not, and explained how Maine ended up with a Governor 61% of the people voted against in the process.  I responded to an internet ad that said to vote for Biblical values, which (for the most part) were not on the ballot, and a yard sign that said "Don't Redefine Marriage" while it was radically redefining marriage.  And in, "Rat@$#*%ing" I noted that a Nixonian election tactic is still in use.

Finally, the Bounty sank in the storm.  Of the 16 crew members of the replica ship, 14 were rescued.  One was recovered only to be declared dead.  Since I wrote the post the search for the remaining crew member, the captain, has been called off.
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