Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Open Thread: NaNoWriMo

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So, what is nanowrimo.  Well "nano" tends to be used to denote very small things (nanotechnology used for augmentations for example) and wrimo is clearly a portmanteau of writ and primo, thus meaning the most excellent legal documents issued by a court or other judicial entity.  So a nanowrimo is a very small, but most excellent, legal document issued by a court or other judicial entity.  So simple.


That's not it.

Na is for National.  It's an anachronism.  The event is worldwide.

No is for Novel.  The definition of which is loose.  Work of fiction 50,000 words or more.  Their might be some more to it than that, but it is lose, a collection of short stories would count.

Wri is for Writing.  Most people type.

Mo is for Month.  Specifically November.  It's not too late to start, if you start now you probably still have a better chance of winning than me.

The idea of the project is, basically, to use to pressure of a deadline to get words on paper.  By which I, personally, mean "hard drive" it's a first draft, there's no pentalty for writing crap, it's more or less on paper, just get the words out there.  Making them fit for public consumption comes later (also known as editing.)


So, the prompt here is this: NaNoWriMo.  Say whatever you want about it.

Official website here.


  1. I'm not NaNoing this year. Haven't in a few years. I've attempted it twice; the first time I attempted something original and wildly ambitious (more in terms of the writing skill required to make it work than length or scope), hit 30,000 words, realized I was failing utterly and gave up. The second time I wrote 55,000 words of my 60,000-word-thus-far Xenosaga fic.

    Haven't done it since I started paneling at anime cons; early November is a busy time for me, and then there's Thanksgiving and it's one of our publication months at work and gah.

    I am considering doing a PeNoWriMo (the Pe stands for "Personal") in December, but not sure what I'll write during it. Possibly multiple things.

  2. I'm doing it, well behind, and the idea is to write Greek and Roman creation myths into a single coherent narrative. Working largely of Hesiod's Theogany, lot of begots, pulling in Works and Days because I need a better understanding of the ages of man to work out the timeline of events. Hesiod groups things in ways that make sense to him, but are not chronological, everything else to fill in the gaps.

    And I mean everything, and scrap or fragment I can find.

    Problems: Lack of plot. Amalgamation not creation. (Nor translation.) Way behind where I should be. I need to write out a timeline, I have yet to do so. Without it I'm getting myself confused about what happened when.

    More discussion and an excerpt here.

  3. My intent was to adopt the spirit of NaNoWriMo and instead participate in h2g2's take on it: NaJoPoMo is national journal posting month. On h2g2, your "journal" is, basically, a subforum in which only you can start threads. As such, it functions as an in-site blog. I was thinking I'd post there, and also try to finish some posts I've been trying to write for my other blogs.

    However, I've been even lazier than usual this month, and haven't yet written a thing. The fact that I'm moving house this week probably doesn't help.



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